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Cai Yongxi Attended the Symposium on “Law Practice of College Students and Devel

Author:admin time:2014-09-09 11:51:55

    On April 12th, 2014, the Symposium on “Law Practice of College Students and Development of Clinical Law Education" was held by Center for Clinical Legal Education of Peking University in Beijing. The symposium belongs to the 110 - year Anniversary Series Activities of Law School, Peking University. The attendances include the Dean of Law School of Peking University, Zhang Shouwen, the Vice Dean of Law School of Renmin University of China, Long Yifei, as well as the senior instructors and students representatives from the 32 universities where the clinical law courses have been launched. 

    Cai Yongxi from SWUFE Law School was invited to this symposium, and communicated comprehensively with other attendances and experts, to discuss about the common problems existing in educational process.