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Record on the Speech Delivered by Inspector Hongzhi Tao from Chengdu Environment

Author:admin time:2014-11-26 16:47:00

On November 17th, 2014, the inspector Hongzhi Tao from Chengdu Environmental Protection Bureau delivered a brilliant speech “Pondering and Suggestions on the Construction of New Economic Normal”. Professor Luzhao Yang from School of Law moderated the speech.

The speech discussed about the topic “how to promote the construction of ecological civilization under the present new economic normal”. First of all, Mr. Tao interpreted the elemental items, like “ecological civilization”, “sustainable development”, “new-type urbanization”, “new normal” and the relation.Secondly, Mr. Tao put forward the harsh situation the present ecological civilization facing with, as well as the  reasons leading to the serious environmental situation -- the lack of ecological ethic. Thirdly, Mr. Tao proposed the approaches and methods to restrain the environment deterioration, including to promote the construction of environmental civilization with building ecological ethic as the core, to restrain and reverse the over-loaded environment capacity with setting the ecological red line as the baseline of national development, and to accelerate the improvement of environmental quality linking closely with people’s living. At last, Mr. Tao introduced the development progress and experiences of environment protection abroad. During the Q&A part after the speech, Mr. Tao expressed his sincere expectation to the students at present to regard building ecological ethic as part of self cultivation, to respect, conform to and protect environment, as well as to contribute to the establishment of new ecological normal and the realization of China Dream.