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“Symposium on International Comparison in Education Mode of Interdisciplinary L

Author:admin time:2014-10-29 16:39:00

    On October 17th, the Symposium on International Comparison in Education Mode of Interdisciplinary Legal Talents Education was held by SWUFE Law School in Room 101, Tengxiang Building. The attendees include seven foreign professors, Philip R. Boxell, Henry Ronald Bjorkman, Stephen Frye, and the rest, the Deputy Director of Research Institute of Law, Sichuan Academy of Social Science Ms. Lan Bing, professors from Law School of Sichuan University and Southwestern University for Nationalities, as well as the representatives of professors and students of SWUEF Law School. The meeting lasted for one whole day, composed of eleven keynote speeches and one free discussion. As part of the “Excellent Legal Talents Project “and “Improvement Project of Doctoral Degree Graduate’s Quality”, the content of the symposium covered the international comparison in legal talents education from different perspectives, aiming at providing proposals and reference for legal education and the improvement of doctoral degree graduates’ quality. 

    At the beginning of the symposium, the Dean of SWUFE Law School, Professor Gao, delivered the welcoming address, extending a warm welcome to the guests and expressing gratitude for their supporting. At the same time, Professor Gao strengthened it was one of pressing problems in legal education to cultivate legal talents mastering laws, technology, economics, and foreign languages. The topics of Ms. Lan Bing and Professor Fu Jiang were Strengthening Practical Training and Cultivating Characteristics of Social Sciences and Reflection on Interdisciplinary Legal Talents Education respectively, discussing about the current situation and existing problems in Chinese legal education comprehensively and objectively. The foreign experts and scholars put forward the elemental qualities that legal talents should be equipped with, for instance, individual dealing with problems, critical thinking and persuading, as well as the solutions to the existing problems of legal education. Professor Lan Rongjie, Professor Jiang Bo, and Professor Wang Zhuoyu from SWUFE Law School proposed their opinions on the problems and confusions faced by the legal students when they involve in the society for the first time, from the perspectives of politics, culture and etiquette. After the keynotes speeches, an heated discussion was conducted between the Chinese and Western experts.

    The meeting is bound to be an opportunity for us to expand our horizon, understand the cultural differences, enhance the communication and learn from each other. 


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                                           October 23th, 2014