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Law School Won the Third Prize in SWUFE Dance Contest

Author:admin time:2014-11-12 11:25:47

    On the evening of Nov. 7th, the SWUFE Dance Contest was held at the Student Activity Center. The team from Law School participated in the contest for the first time and won the third prize with the dance “The Campus Sky” harvesting a big round of applause.

    From the team forming to the final performance, the shining five minutes on the stage indicates the three hours training everyday, sweat and pain, as well as laugh and happiness during the progress. The team members include seniors who are busy with preparing for entrance exam for postgraduate study, and freshmen being busy with adapting to the new environment. Thanks for the efforts from all the team members and student union, the “Campus Sky”became more beautiful and colorful. 

                                     SWUFE Law School

                                      Nov.10th, 2014