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Record on the Mutual Selection Meeting of Overseas Study Projects

Author:admin time:2014-12-05 17:07:00

    On the afternoon of December 3rd, the Mutual Selection Meeting of Overseas Study Projects was held at Student Activity Center of Liulin Campus, which attracted the attention of thousands of students from different grades and majors.

    SWUFE Law School attended this meeting and provided students with four outstanding projects, namely, the Law-Finance/Accounting Double Degree project of Baruch College, the L.L.M. project of Institute for law and Finance of Goethe-University Frankfurt, the Short-term Exchange project of Osaka Gakuin University, and the J.D project of University of Arizona.

    Students were quite interested in and compared these projects carefully. They consulted with the teacher about some important items actively, like the fee, requirement, credit and so on. 

    To have an experience of overseas study is a dream of many students, and this meeting not just provided a platform for the students to achieve the information from all the schools intensively, but help the students shorten the distance between the dream and the reality, strengthen the students’ confidence to go abroad for further study.