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Introduction of Law School   


The history of Law School can be tracked back to Zhengyang Law School founded in 1949 by the minister of the Judicial Ministry of China at that time, alone with the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of China then.


SWUFE Law School ranks 17th among 700 China’s universities with the major of law, and 2nd among all those institutions majored in finance and economics. (Chinese Science Institute of Management Sciences for the study of Chinese university ranking, 2013)


SWUFE Law School has 111employees, including 98 faculty and 13 staff. The faculty consists of 53 professors, 41 associate professors, 4 lecturers which include 30 scholars, judges, procurators, lawyers, and entrepreneurs as our guest professors. There are more than 700 undergraduates, over 700 post-graduates and more than 60 doctorate candidates studying at the Law School.


Law School is now qualifies to confer a variety of degrees in law, such as LL.B, LL.M, and Ph.D., with a wide range of research fields covered. As one of 37 universities and schools authorized to set up doctorate programs of legal science, we are the only institution who offers Financial Law Doctorate Program in China. Furthermore, the Law and Economics Doctorate Program is also one of the five earliest programs accredited by the Academic Degree Commission of the State Council in China.


SWUFE Law School also possesses of the first Provincial Key Laboratory in China on study of the rule of law on the basis of Information Engineering and Statistics, and the sole Provincial Key Center of Philosophy and Social Science in China, namely, a vanguard center for financial laws research.